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Friends of the Settlement @ Castle Hill

Becoming a Friend will help to support us in more than just financially. Having a Friends section will lend us credibility when making grant applications. We will have a group of people whom we know will spread the word about us. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways of bringing in new people.


Being a Friend will entitle you to

  • 10% discount on admission prices for our Special events.

  • For events for which prior booking is required, you will be able to reserve seats and pay on the door, rather than sending a cheque.

You will also receive

  • A quarterly newsletter.

  • a monthly ‘What’s On’ schedule.

  • an invitation to an annual ‘Thank you’ event, where you can meet other Friends, get a personal report of what has been happening and make suggestions for improving our service.

The Cost

Annual membership costs £10 and can be paid in cash, BACS or cheque. 

Use the contact us form to enquire about becoming a friend of the Maryport Settlement:

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