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About US

The Settlement At Castle Hill is managed by the Castle Hill Trust CIO - Charitable Incorporated Organisation:  Registered Charity No. 1173361.


Castle Hill Trust (CHT) took over The Settlement in January 2018.  The Settlement has been an important part of the educational and social fabric of Maryport since 1937.  It has had ups and downs, but it is still held in great affection by local people.


The aim of CHT is to rejuvenate The Settlement to benefit the people of Maryport, especially the most disadvantaged, through a programme of arts, crafts, education and social activities, as well as making facilities available for other local groups and organisations.

All of our activities are open to any member of the community who wishes to participate.  We have people with various issues; learning difficulties and/or social problems who come to these activities and mix with other members of the group – to the benefit, we think, of all of the group.


Our aim is to develop more activities and events, in response to people’s needs, so that The Settlement is once again a community hub.

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