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Amy Austen

I’m a writer by trade, specifically in UX (User eXperience) and I currently write for an app that educates kids about money. Working from home means I have the flexibility to get involved with local projects like those at the Settlement.

My Story

I was born in Bristol and moved to Maryport when I was 12, attending the local secondary Netherhall. 


At 18, I left for university in London, studying Creative Writing & Journalism. It took me a while to get a “proper job” once I’d graduated, but the next 10 years or so saw me working in events, travel, gaming and finally education. 


In 2022 I moved back to Maryport with my husband, and we’re busy doing up an old house and making new friends in the community. 


I found out about the Settlement through meeting a trustee, and thought helping out would be a great way to get involved in local events. The venue has so much potential, and I hope to help the trustees realise it! 

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